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Congratulations to 15 Corcoran ESOL Graduates!

Congratulations to our ESOL graduates!  The students' commitment to attending a 6 month course that included homework while still performing their CMC duties is admirable.  We are proud of their accomplishment and wish them much future success. BACK (L to R): Jesus Melo (Uphams Crossing), Josue Perez (Pelham) MIDDLE: Steve Litcoff (Massasoit CC), William Cardona (Commonwealth), Mario Torres (Commonwealth), Jose Rojas (Pelham), Carlos Seary (W. Broadway Homes), Ferdinan Hochen  (Pelham), Boris Shnayder (Pat White), Danny Ortiz (Pelham), Maryellen Brett (Massasoit CC) FRONT: Javier Ramirez (Commonwealth), Sam Acevdeo (W. Broadway Homes), Patricia Dolmo (Braintree), Chester Veloz (50 West Broadway), Leslie Scribner (Braintree Office), Ivy Mah (Faxon Commons), Cynthia Pardi (Massasoit CC)