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Corcoran Management - A Leader in the Energy Efficiency Revolution

For the last seven years, Corcoran Management has been a pioneer in the New England multifamily scene when it comes to promoting and executing "energy efficiency" at our apartment communities. The past few decades have seen increased education and the ever-growing importance of sustainability and the protection of the environment and ozone. Whether it’s the construction of a new luxurious apartment community or the revitalization of an older community, Corcoran’s construction and renovation practices are focused on using recyclable materials, producing minimal pollutants, and using energy-star approved appliances. John Corcoran, our Energy-Efficiency Manager, has been working hard these last few years to increase Corcoran’s sustainable footprint in the multifamily industry. Canterbury Towers , an affordable based apartment community in Worcester, MA joins publically-managed communities from cities such as Denver, Houston, Atlanta, and Newport News as nationwide leaders i

SatisFacts Names Corcoran Management a "2014 National Company of the Year in Resident Satisfaction"

We are pleased to announce that for the second year in a row, Corcoran Management Company has been named one of the 2014 National Companies of the Year in Resident Satisfaction by SatisFacts ! SatisFacts is the nation’s largest residential survey company, who each day sends out surveys to residents all throughout apartment communities in the United States. Residents provide their responses to questions about all aspects of the community where they live. From staff friendliness, to maintenance response times, to the cleanliness of the community, SatisFacts compiles a ton of data which in the end tells determines the chief leaders for resident satisfaction in the multifamily industry. At Corcoran Management we strive to present the most professional customer service to our residents. Each member of our managerial, leasing, and maintenance staff works to assure that all the needs and expectations of our residents are met in a timely and respectful manner!