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CMC's Takeover at Kimball Farm

The heart of Corcoran Management Company lies in its incredible employees, so it is only right to celebrate them all together. The company just held its favored annual company outing at Kimball Farm in Westford, MA. Corcoran employees were rewarded with much deserved relaxion and fun after months of unwavering dedication and hard work in the midst of a global pandemic. The day was filled with unique activities, delicious food, and wonderful conversation among employees from all properties. Erik Wester ( Ashland Woods ) Matt Didio, Don Polsi, Dan Breda, Richard Robertson The day began with coffee to fuel up for golf as the first event of the day. This was followed by the relay event which consisted of a bounce ball race, a sack race and an egg race. Staff could also compete for the best score in the daylong Skee-Ball tournament, play cornhole and volleyball, or even work on their swings at the driving range.  Jack O'Brien, Jack Doherty, Joe O'Brien, Jayson Lebranti  A delightfu