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Winter Activities

 Although the hype of Winter slowly starts to decline after the Holidays, we have to remember to take advantage of all the unique activities that this snowy season provides. Our properties are spread throughout New England which makes it easy to do some exciting day trips to experience new adventures near and far.  Venture to Lincoln, NH Halstead Manchester is just 77.4 miles away from Lincoln, NH which makes for an easy hour long trip to a location fit for everyone to enjoy. Lincoln is home to the popular ski resort, Loon Mountain . This mountain has beautiful sunny trails perfect for beginner and expert skiers and riders. However, if skiing is not for you, Loon Mountain also offers snow tubing for all ages day and night. Start the morning at Flapjacks to fuel you up before you hit the slopes and be sure to make a stop at the Paul Bunyan Room for some apr├Ęs beverages to close out the day. Looking to stick around for dinner? Check out the Common Man or Black Mtn. Burger Co. befor

Top Picks from Corcoran Staff: TV Series and Movie Edition

Are you looking to spice up your TV and movie selections to get through these cold Winter days? Look no further! Our staff here at John M. Corcoran & Company has plenty of options to offer up. Some of our employees reported in their very own top picks across several different genres that will give you some variety on your big screen. Comedy and Reality- The Best Combination Patricia from our Accounting Department reveals that she loves a good laugh when it comes to her favorite movies. She said, "... one of my most favorites that never gets old to me is The Hangover , The Hanover Part II , and The Hangover Part III ..." and she loves them, "... because this is something that CAN happen in real life and how they go through so much craziness to find their friends...," by backtracking to discover what happened the night before which leads to even more wild adventures. Check out HBO Max, Apple TV, Prime Video to experience the shenanigans of the notorious wolf pack

Tips to Conquer the Cold

It officially feels like Winter here in Massachusetts after the first major snowfall last week. However, we are about to face the coldest week yet. It is important to properly prepare for these cold New England months, especially with temperatures dropping down to the single digits this week. Here are some tips to keep you and your home safe this Winter! Station Row in Providence, RI We all love lighting a fresh new candle on a cold night, but you should never leave lit candles unattended Consider purchasing a floor mat or shoe tray to dry off wet shoes and to keep them out of shared hallways Make sure you have a functioning flashlight and extra batteries in the event of a power outage Consider buying a portable charger for your phone to maintain a longer battery life during a power outage                  Notify someone if you are traveling for several days so your apartment home can be checked on if a storm occurs while you are away If traveling for several days, leave your sink cab