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Maintenance Installs Flowers for 2024 Season

It is finally starting to look and feel like spring around our JMC properties! All of our properties have received their plant deliveries and the maintenance and grounds crews have been working hard to install the plants just in time for the sunshine. We can't wait to watch them grow over the next few months! Redbrook Apartments Station Square The Atherton MetroMark Faxon Commons We look forward to seeing the flowers looking like this soon! Click to watch a video compilation of social posts including our wonderful maintenance staff members! TRIVIA : The Middlemist Red is considered the rarest flower in the world. It is known to exist in only 2 locations. What are the 2 locations? 4/4 Trivia Answer: American Robin

Spring Managers Meeting Recap

 Spring Meeting for Office & Maintenance Managers at Florian Hall The Spring Managers Meeting took place at Florian Hall this week to discuss updates in maintenance, compliance, human resources, and marketing departments in addition to the DEI committee and announcements from the President and Vice Presidents of JMC . The day began with a welcome kickoff from President Bob Ruzzo and his new tradition of introducing new managers attending their first meeting.  Despite the April showers on Wednesday, the Director of Maintenance Operations went over grounds procedures and our Arborist and Ground Superintendent went over flower plans to get our properties to look their best when the sun comes out to shine this summer.  Marc Colburn,  Arborist and Ground Superintendent The compliance department covered vacancy claims and reasonable accommodation while the VPs covered the 10 C's policy and updates on P2P. Jeanmarie O'Brien, Director of Affordable Housing Brian Gallagher, Vice Pre