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JMC & Co Annual Summer Company Outing

JMC held the annual summer company outing this week at Kimball Farm in Westford, MA! About 275 of our employees were able to enjoy a beautiful sunny day filled with activities, delicious food, and prizes.  The Mastlight Crew Made Their Very Own Branded Shirts! Several of our employees started the morning with a round of golf that also included the Longest Drive Contest.  Winner of The Longest Drive: Jayson Corcoran Connections hosted a North Shore and South Shore Cornhole Tournament over the winter and the finalists played to win the championship at the outing!  Winners of Cornhole: Joe & Sam Six teams later participated in the popular "Ninja Challenge", aiming to finish the course and beat the buzzer in record time.  Ninja Challenge Winners: Chris, Carlos, Jack, & Jessie Kimball Farm served a great cookout lunch followed by many scoops of the famous homemade ice cream. The remainder of the afternoon consisted of the longest drive competition, the skee-ball contest,