Sustainable Energy Management at Corcoran Management!

Since the recession of 2008 companies from all industries have been assessing their operating costs and developing ways to save money. Companies like ours have invested capital and resources into energy efficient operations both to protect the environment and to control costs.
Our Director of Maintenance, Gary Saltmarsh and John Corcoran, our Energy Efficient Manager, have been working with property staff and local contractors to bring the latest in green, energy-efficient technology to properties throughout Corcoran’s portfolio. Gary and John have spent countless hours researching and developing programs to reduce Corcoran’s electric, HVAC, water, and sewer usage as low as possible without sacrificing performance and reliability. At a recent training session, Corcoran Property and Maintenance Managers learned the benefits of using T-8 High-Performance light fixtures that conserve on average 40% less electricity than traditional fixtures. In addition Managers learned about Corcoran’s ongoing plan to switch to new controlled water heaters and boilers. In addition to major changes to heating and electrical systems, Corcoran promotes the use of automatic timers and censors to limit the use of light and strategic use of shade to keep things cool.

Corcoran Management Company is proud of the maintenance team, managers, and trusted vendors with whom we have developed and enhanced energy efficient operations at all of our properties. Two of our newest communities, The Commons at SouthFieldHighlands in Weymouth, MA, and Parkside Commons in Chelsea, MA have received LEED Certification for energy efficient design from the United States Green Building Council!


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