The Proper Way to Close Your Swimming Pool for the Fall and Winter!

With much sadness, it’s fair to say that summer is officially on the way out and fall is on the way in. The past four months of 80-plus degree temperatures have come and gone faster than a Dustin Pedroia line drive out of Fenway. Beautiful fall foliage and the sounds of football are just around the corner. With the new season, comes the end of one of our resident’s favorite getaways, the fabulous swimming pools found all throughout Corcoran communities across New England and Georgia! Closing down a swimming pool for the winter may seem like an easy task. However it requires a great deal of precision and expertise to properly close the pool and to protect it until it will be used again in the spring.

Here are some of the key elements to help you close your pool for the summer:

  • Disconnect your pump and filter and make sure the pump is totally drained out of any water, also make sure you remove any drain plugs from the filter.
  • Backwash the filter to clean it out, this is the best way to assure the filter is completely clean and free of any dirt or ground buildup.
  • Unscrew and loosen any quick disconnect fittings or unions at your pump and filter system. This is important so that during the cold days of winter no “freeze-cracks” occur.
  • Remove any dive boards or ladders from the pool. Along with the pump and any filters, you should place any items in a warm and safe spot. A garage or well-insulated shed would work best.
  • Mix any granular winterizing chemicals into a bucket so that they properly are dissolved. You don’t want any chemicals hanging around the pool during the winter that could permanently dissolve into the pool’s coating

These are just some of the basics on how to close a pool properly. For more information and a detailed checklist visit this link!