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CMC Continues to Rack Up Awards for Sustainability

We are happy to announce another successful achievement in sustainable multifamily management practices here at Corcoran Management! McNamara House , an affordable apartment community in Allston was honored by the Environmental Protection Agency ENERGY STAR and received a Certification for Superior Energy Efficiency. McNamara House is just one of the growing number of Corcoran communities that are being recognized by government agencies for a commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. Along with Parkside Commons, The Commons at SouthField, Canterbury Towers and 50 West Broadway, McNamara House is recognized for a number of recent upgrades and overhauls to increase efficiency and keep costs down. Some of the improvements include fitting the community with LED lights, low-flow water fixtures, and the addition of a condensing boiler for more efficient heating. The heating system’s new ability to use discharged waste in the form of steam to provide recyclable heat for re

TWO Corcoran Communities Featured in MFE's Top 5 Massachusetts Rankings!

Corcoran Management Company is honored to announce that 50 West Broadway in South Boston, and The Ledges in Weymouth were each recognized as Top 5 “Properties in Online Reputation in Massachusetts” in 2014 by National Multifamily Executive, a leader in multifamily news and analysis. Of all of the apartment communities in the state of Massachusetts rated for resident satisfaction on social media sites, 50 West Broadway finished 2 nd , while The Ledges came in 4 th , a tremendous accomplishment by both communities! On a 0-100 scale, the national average is a 52, both 50WB and The Ledges scored just a tick under 90. These amazing results would not be obtainable without our dedicated staff members and the fabulous residents they serve.  We thank you all! A resident’s voice is the most important voice in your apartment community. That statement rings true before, during, and even after a resident has lived at your community. In today’s mobile-driven scene, review websites a

Corcoran Management - A Leader in the Energy Efficiency Revolution

For the last seven years, Corcoran Management has been a pioneer in the New England multifamily scene when it comes to promoting and executing "energy efficiency" at our apartment communities. The past few decades have seen increased education and the ever-growing importance of sustainability and the protection of the environment and ozone. Whether it’s the construction of a new luxurious apartment community or the revitalization of an older community, Corcoran’s construction and renovation practices are focused on using recyclable materials, producing minimal pollutants, and using energy-star approved appliances. John Corcoran, our Energy-Efficiency Manager, has been working hard these last few years to increase Corcoran’s sustainable footprint in the multifamily industry. Canterbury Towers , an affordable based apartment community in Worcester, MA joins publically-managed communities from cities such as Denver, Houston, Atlanta, and Newport News as nationwide leaders i

SatisFacts Names Corcoran Management a "2014 National Company of the Year in Resident Satisfaction"

We are pleased to announce that for the second year in a row, Corcoran Management Company has been named one of the 2014 National Companies of the Year in Resident Satisfaction by SatisFacts ! SatisFacts is the nation’s largest residential survey company, who each day sends out surveys to residents all throughout apartment communities in the United States. Residents provide their responses to questions about all aspects of the community where they live. From staff friendliness, to maintenance response times, to the cleanliness of the community, SatisFacts compiles a ton of data which in the end tells determines the chief leaders for resident satisfaction in the multifamily industry. At Corcoran Management we strive to present the most professional customer service to our residents. Each member of our managerial, leasing, and maintenance staff works to assure that all the needs and expectations of our residents are met in a timely and respectful manner! 

Giving Thanks to The Fabulous Maintenance Teams at Corcoran Management!

Only two days remain in what has been one of the most stressful, difficult, and challenging months we’ve ever seen when it comes to dealing with Mother Nature. The total winter snow accumulation has passed the 100” threshold, something that has only been seen once before in recorded history! From the rural towns outside of 495 to the “parking war-zone” on the streets of South Boston, we’ve all been affected by the snow’s overwhelming reach. At Corcoran communities all throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, and New Hampshire, dedicated maintenance staff members have been busy around the clock dealing with insane amounts of snow, ice dams, dangerous black ice, and walkway clearing. Whether it’s a small community of 60 apartments, or a larger community with over 500 residences, it takes around-the-clock hard work and dedication to clear out the amounts of snow that we have seen in the last month. On behalf of all the residents, employees, and partners of Corcoran Ma

Congratulations to The Commons on The Green: Now an LEED Gold Certified Apartment Community!

We are excited to announce that another community within the Corcoran family has been recognized as a leader in environmental-efficiency by the United States Green Building Council ! The Commons on The Green , the sister property to 2013 LEED Silver recognized community The Commons at SouthField Highlands, has been honored with being a LEED Gold building! Throughout the planning and construction process Corcoran worked with the architects, engineers, landscape designers, and general contractors in assuring The Commons on The Green would be built to the highest environmental standards. Parkside Commons , consisting of 238-apartments in Chelsea, was the first large scale multifamily community in New England to be recognized as LEED certified back in 2009. So what makes The Commons on The Green stand out amongst the rest? Sustainable site design and planning to support the surrounding habitat Close proximity to public transportation, cutting down on automobile emissions Drough

Staying Safe During the Blizzard of 2015

image via: Like Cape Cod in the summer, and apple picking in the fall, a blizzard-esque storm in New England is a yearly tradition. This year is no joke either, the so-called “Blizzard of 2015” is expected to begin tonight at roughly 7:00PM and continue until 1:00AM on Wednesday. Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency is calling for all drivers to be off the road tonight and considering overnight driving as “life threatening”. Counties throughout Eastern Massachusetts can expect anywhere from 20 – 30” and possibly even more in total accumulation. South Shore and Cape Cod residents will also have to deal with extremely high and dangerous winds that could see gusts up to 65 MPH. We wanted to provide a simple checklist for how you can be prepared for the storm this year. Below are some of the suggestions from the American Red Cross on how you and your family can prepare for a storm that could last for a couple days: Water : provide yourself with