Kudos to Maintenance

John M. Corcoran & Company holds a high standard when it comes to providing the best service possible to all of our residents. This means that we ensure all residents have direct access to the maintenance team in order to meet their needs on a daily basis. However, the responsibilities of our maintenance teams do not stop there. Each team has a set of tasks that it runs through daily to keep every community in excellent shape. John M. Corcoran & Company recently implemented the 10 C's of Corcoran policy to maintain exceptional performance and appearance across the portfolio. The policy includes weekly blast survey forms to encourage greater accountability. We believe that these procedures are crucial in contributing to the overall success of each property. 

The Heights Amesbury did an excellent job reporting in throughout the bombogenesis storm and capturing the maintenance team hard at work. However, the staff took advantage of the poor conditions by having some fun in the snow while making a video for the property Instagram page. If you have not seen it yet, be sure to check it out under the handle @theheightsamesbury! Rich, Mike, and Dicky do such excellent work with snow removal and it does not go unnoticed. A resident even commented on an Instagram post stating, "They do an amazing job. As I've said before, I could walk around in flip flops." What a compliment!

A member of the maintenance team shoveling snow at The Heights Amesbury

A member of the maintenance team pushing a snow blower at The Heights Amesbury
The Heights Amesbury Maintenance Team in the Midst of Bombogenesis

Our maintenance teams are always attentive in keeping the grounds neat and clean around the clock.  Check out this action shot of Tom from Millside at Heritage Park! Be sure to stop and say hello if you catch him in the halls or thank him for his constant efforts to keep the community in such great condition.

Maintenance Manager of Millside at Heritage Park vacuuming the hallway

Redbrook Apartments celebrated their maintenance team's efforts with a 'Happy Maintenance Monday' post on Instagram. The caption stated, "Happy Maintenance Monday! Our two man team deserves a shout out for all the hard work they do to keep our community running! Bill and Andrew sure play an important role here at Redbrook Apartments each day. Share an experience in the comments below a time our maintenance team has provided you with exceptional maintenance service." One resident commented, "Bill came in on a Sunday to fix my door he knew exactly what to do. He is pleasant, helpful, kind and Whiskey (my Cavapoo) just loves him, five stars."

Two members of the maintenance team at Redbrook Apartments
Andrew and Bill from Redbrook Apartments

Union & West also snapped a photo to thank their maintenance team for keeping the walkways clean and safe for their residents. The 10 C's survey blast for this week pertains to snow removal from the most recent storm. Each community was asked how it would rate snow cleanup efforts on a scale of one star to five stars. Next, each community has to submit photographic evidence of the front entrance, the parking lots, and all of the walkways to submit to the 10 C's committee. By the looks of it, Union & West is going to pass with flying colors for snow removal efforts this week! 

Member of the maintenance team snow blowing at Union & West
Member of the Maintenance Team at Union & West

Our maintenance teams do so much to give our residents a superior living experience so please be sure to thank them for their daily efforts as they play a crucial role in making these communities feel like home!