JMC Experts in Resident Engagement, Support, and Satisfaction

We are keeping the spirit of Employee Appreciation alive here at John M. Corcoran & Company! This week we are highlighting some of the most important players in the field- our Leasing Consultants and Resident Services Coordinators! Everyone knows that these employees have an extremely meaningful impact on the resident experience. Our staff is invested from the initial contact with prospects, to the move-in process, and beyond. Our leasing consultants and resident coordinators bring our properties to life with their friendly faces, high energy, and creative ideas for resident events. Here is what our staff had to say about these JMC Rockstar Employees:

"Gregg was hired in June with no experience in leasing. He was quick to catch on and has been a superstar at Union & West. He is eager to learn and always willing to help out. He has been training a new leasing consultant and taking on a larger role at the property. He is an asset to Union & West and JMC."  

Gregg, leasing consultant at Union & West, standing by the pool
Gregg Pullan, Leasing Consultant at Union & West

"Michelle has been amazing and super helpful since I started at MIO. Watching her in action and securing rental after rental is inspiring and amazing to witness each time. Always sweet and upbeat. Michelle rocks!"

Michelle, leasing agent at Mio
Michelle Grier, Leasing Consultant at Mio Weymouth

"Sarah has only been at 50 West Broadway for a few months full time and the energy in the office has been amazing ever since- she engages with every resident who comes in, is constantly eager and willing to learn and take on new responsibilities, and have you seen our social media (all thanks to her)?! ROCKSTAR- she is constantly thinking of new ways to keep us trendy in the competitive city market- Sarah has been an incredible addition and we are so lucky and grateful to have her!"

Sarah, leasing agent at The Residences on Broadway, sitting in the clubroom
Sarah Marinho, Leasing Consultant at The Residences on Broadway

Wendy Perez, Older Adults Program Coordinator at Pelham Lifelong Learning Center, "Always goes the extra mile at work with positive vibes!"

Headshot of Wendy Perez, Adults Program Coordinator at Pelham
Wendy Perez, Adults Program Coordinator at Pelham Lifelong Learning Center

"Dominique is always willing to go above and beyond her expectations for the youth and adult members of the Pelham Apartments Community. She organizes daily activities for the youth and for the adults, including homework help, arts and crafts, ESL, Money Management workshops and so much more!"

Headshot of Dominique, Resident Services Coordinator at Pelham
Dominique Torres, Resident Services Coordinator at Pelham Apartments

"Samantha is always on the go helping occupants in time and need. Our staff at Amherst Park in Nashua, NH is proud to have her as part of our team."

Samantha, Resident Services Coordinator, sitting outside of Amherst Park
Samantha Barritt, Resident Services Coordinator at Amherst Park

Leasing consultants and resident service and program coordinators are part of what makes each of our communities so unique and special. Our staff is devoted to their residents in order to make their communities feel like home. Thank you to all of our leasing consultants and resident coordinators for your extraordinary efforts! 

TRIVIA: Let's bring it back to leasing training 101! What is the saying to remember DQWNAFS when speaking to prospects on the phone? Bonus: List the all of the words associated with DQWNAFS!

3/11 Trivia Answer: 700 gallons. This fun fact was featured in the "Clean and Green Energy Efficiency" blog post.