JMC Supports Caritas Communities

As many of you know, John M. Corcoran & Company has a deep-rooted relationship with Caritas Communities. P. Leo Corcoran, John Corcoran's partner, founded this 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 1985. The mission states, "At Caritas, we prevent homelessness by providing very low-income individuals with permanent housing, support, a sense of community and expanded opportunities. Since 1985, Caritas has helped fill the need for safe, secure housing in Greater Boston."

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The Young Leader Committee was created in 2014 to facilitate the significant growth in volunteer leadership. According to the Caritas website, "Our Young Leader Committee serves to engage other young professionals in the Boston area to improve the lives of our lowest income neighbors through: supporting and raising funds for the Welcome Home Basket program (providing basic home and personal essentials to all incoming residents earning $20k annually), encouraging their networks to attend the Annual Dinner and engage in volunteer efforts and by serving as ambassadors for Caritas in the wider community."
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The Young Leader Committee is hosting the 9th Annual Get Social for a Good Cause event on Tuesday, June 28th. This event is put together by Caritas Communities and members of the Young Leader Committee for a night of networking, socializing, and fundraising to support the Welcome Home Basket program

The event will be held at Castle Island Brewery in the brand-new South Boston location. The evening will consist of introductions from Caritas leadership, the co-chairs of the Young Leader Committee, and a special guest speech from a Caritas resident. This resident volunteers to tell his story as to how Caritas made an impact on his life by simply providing the most basic and essential need of safe and secure housing. Personally, this is my favorite part of the evening as it is extremely eye-opening and inspiring to hear about the positive influence that Caritas has on so many lives. 

2021 statistics reported on Caritas residents

Preventing homelessness. Improving lives. One room at a time.

Please join us at Castle Island Brewery to network and get to know more about this amazing cause! Please scan the QR code below to RSVP today! If you are not able to attend the event be sure to check out the Caritas Communities website to see how you can get involved. 

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TRIVIA: Where was the first Caritas house located?

5/20 Trivia Answer: A factory. The town of Stoughton was well known as an industrial hub for shoemaking. If you ever find yourself in the model apartment be sure to check out the antique shoe bookends on the TV console!