JMC Celebrates Resident Appreciation Day 2022

John M. Corcoran & Company celebrated the annual Resident Appreciation Day on August 18th. JMC took on the theme of "Camp Corcoran" to celebrate this occasion across the entire portfolio. All of our properties took the time to organize a day full of events to show how thankful they are for our residents who make these communities so special. Each community was tasked with organizing a lumberjack breakfast, trail mix bar, picnic lunch, s'mores snack, and a happy camper dinner for residents to enjoy throughout the day.

Man, woman, and man standing with camping sign behind table
Townhouse Apartments Gearing Up for the Lumberjack Breakfast

The staff at The Sto went above and beyond to bring this Stoughton campground to life for the residents! The morning started with a hearty lumberjack breakfast with French toast, egg sandwiches, home fries and fruit, all with flannels, beards, and axes to match! The staff even popped a tent and lit a fire to set the tone for the granola mixer and some fun camper giveaways including stickers, bracelets, and keychains! 

man holding lumberjack axe prop behind table
Greg Davis, Assistant Property Manager of The Sto, Ready to Greet Campers in Lumberjack Fashion

fireplace with table of camping giveaways

man holding hat, beard, and axe prop
Ed Sullivan, Property Manager of The Sto

The staff also asked residents to write their favorite thing about The Sto to add to the décor! 

table of small tree stumps with cards

The residents of Parkside Commons had a blast from enjoying fabulous food catered by local Winthrop Meat Market to playing games in the courtyard. 

people playing outdoor game in courtyard

2 boys playing outside by a blowup pool

Residents sitting in clubhouse at Parkside Commons

The staff at Kent Village got into the spirit and even created their very own Camp Corcoran t-shirts to sport for the day! The residents got to participate in camp-style bingo, outdoor games, and they got to make their own sundaes at the ice cream bar.

man, woman, and man standing outside in front of leasing office
Kent Village Counselors

two boys sitting outside

man standing in front of ice cream bar table

The Residences on Broadway, Village Green, the Commons at Boston Road, and the Commons at Drum Hill took this assignment seriously as each staff member wore camp counselor themed tees. The counselors in South Boston put a twist on the occasion to make it a "glamping" experience for their campers with Starbucks coffee, mimosas, burgers from Lincoln Tavern, and s'mores! Our Littleton, Billerica, and Chelmsford campers enjoyed face painting, balloon animals, and catered meals from local businesses. 

woman , man, and woman standing behind table holding Starbucks cups
woman with 2 children making balloon animals

3 tier stand with camp themed cupcakes

woman standing with coffee in front of table
Camp Counselour Olympia Carranza at the Commons at Drum Hill

Westcott Terrace put together a fabulous day to show their appreciation for their residents. Camp Westcott was decked out with a tent, campfire, pine tree, fishing poles, and tackle box. Talk about attention to detail! 

Man sitting in camping chair in front of Camp Westcott sign

Residents sitting together at Westcott Terrace

Table of camp themed cupcakes

Girl sitting in tent

The Ledges provided munchkin skewers, sandwiches, a trail mix bar with a "wood pile", and set up a s'mores station for their happy campers!

boy with thumbs up standing in front of table of food

                                       "wood pile" of food

two boys holding cups of trail mix by table

The Ledges leasing team sitting around a table
The Leasing Team at The Ledges

The Mastlight team dressed in their best camp attire with flannels and bandanas to match. The Mastlight campers were treated with Panera catering for breakfast, pizza in the afternoon, and delicious s'mores cupcakes. Some furry friends even got in on the fun with some glam shots!   

three women standing in front of tent
The Leasing Team at The Mastlight
man getting pizza from a table

Dog sitting in front of tent

Residents of Lynnfield Commons spent the day outdoors with food, refreshing beverages, fun animal masks, and an egg toss competition with prizes for the winners!

three kids outside wearing animal face masks

kids participating in egg toss outside

woman and man holding up cans behind table of drinks
Megan McDonald and Dan O'Brien of Lynnfield Commons

two egg toss winners holding up gift cards
Egg Toss Competition Winners

We were so happy to see all of the preparation of Camp Corcoran come to life from the festive décor, to amazing food and treats, outdoor games, and fun giveaways to show our appreciation for all of our residents! We look forward to this event every year and cannot wait to see what our communities have in store for 2023. 

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