JMC & Co Employees Meet the Mission

Along with Residential Property Management Career Week, JMC & Co also celebrated our employees with the next round of Meet the Mission awards. As a leading real estate management and development firm, John M. Corcoran & Company has delivered superior services to both our partners and to the residents who call our communities home. JMC has always encouraged our employees to go above and beyond not only for our residents, but also for our fellow colleagues. 

Throughout the year, JMC employees are able to submit nominations for fellow employees to win our Meet the Mission award. Individuals and department teams can be nominated for superior service that demonstrate the qualities required to meet or exceed the goals of our company. Nominations can be made by anyone in our organization to honor members of our administrative, leasing, maintenance, janitorial and management staff for performing exceptional deeds. 

Employees who write nominations are asked to explain why they feel the nominee should be recognized for "meeting the mission" by citing examples of actions that went above and beyond the call of duty to serve our customers, either internal or external (residents, owners, colleagues).

A record-breaking amount of Meet the Mission awards were announced for this quarter. A total of 34 employees received wonderful accolades from fellow JMC & Co staff members! All recipients will be awarded with Meet the Mission plaques and gift cards for their exceptional efforts.

Congratulations to all of our JMC Meet the Mission recipients! Your diligence, enthusiasm, and passion for what you do at JMC has not gone unnoticed and your efforts generate the significant success of this company. We appreciate all that our employees do to make JMC such a great company to work for!

Please visit @johnmcorcoranandco on Instagram or visit our John M. Corcoran & Company page on LinkedIn to see all of the nominations!

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