JMC Company Outing 2022

John M. Corcoran & Company enjoyed the annual company wide outing this week at Kimball Farm in Westford, MA and we had about 250 employees attend this year! The day began with a round of golf and this friendly competition quickly turned into a fierce battle for the win after the round ended in a tie. Each team played an extra hole for the tie breaker and Kevin Regan (Quincy Commons), Brendan Flynn (Leasing Floater), and Tom Shephard (Millside at Heritage Park) came out on top!

Brendan Flynn, Tom Shepard, and Kevin Regan

Although our employees love the traditional activities that Kimball Farms offers, JMC wanted to bring something new to the outing this year. The Corcoran Connections Committee launched the JMC Ninja Warrior Challenge! The committee put together a three-part team challenge across a series of inflatable obstacle courses to reflect American Ninja Warrior, the famous sports entertainment reality TV show. Several teams of JMC colleagues competed in this relay-style challenge to see who could get the fastest time. Team Captain Jim Krotz (Compliance Department) along with his team of Andrew Standley (Leasing Floater), Gianna Rodriguez (Pelham Learning Center), Angela Hahn (Mass Mills), and Grace Corcoran (Marketing Department) beat the buzzer with the fastest time to become the first ever JMC Ninja Warrior Champions!

man hitting buzzer for ninja challenge
Angel Figueroa, Pelham Apartments

man jumping on obstacle course for ninja challenge
Dan Breda, Faxon Commons

two men tagging each other for ninja challenge
Chris Baio, Skyline Commons and Don Polsi, The Commons at Drum Hill

man and woman tagging each other for ninja challenge
Jim Krotz, Compliance Department and Gianna Rodriguez, Pelham Learning Center
Woman hitting buzzer for Ninja Challenge
Angela Hahn, Mass Mills, Beating the Buzzer for the Win!

Winners of JMC Ninja Warrior Challenge in front of buzzer
JMC Ninja Warrior Champions

Special shoutout to the biggest JMC Ninja Warrior Challenge fan! Erin (Weymouth Commons) and Brian Gallagher's (Portfolio Director) son loved the ninja swag!

JMC staff got to enjoy lunch and refreshments while listening to "A Fascinating Rhythm" by Cornell Coley. The Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee brought Cornell to the outing for an interactive Afro-Latin, solo performance featuring drums, folkloric instruments, dance and songs. Cornell taught our employees about the origins of his instruments that create the music of various cultures around the world. JMC employees joined in with Cornell to learn how to play the drums while hearing about the rich cultural history behind them.

JMC employees sitting playing drums with performer at Kimball Farm
Erica Ryan (MetroMark), Jazmin Colon (Compliance Department), and Lydia Diaz (McNamara House) with Performer Cornell Coley
JMC employees playing instruments with performer at Kimball Farm
Erica Ryan (MetroMark) and Jeanmarie O'Brien (Director of Affordable Housing) with Cornell Coley

Everyone got to indulge in Kimball Farm's famous ice cream in the afternoon while watching the Longest Drive competition. Chris Baio of Skyline Commons was the winner for the men and Michelle Russo, Controller of the Accounting Department, was the winner for the women. The skilled arcade goers participated in the Skee Ball competition for the best score. Lauren McDonald (Ashland Woods) and Erik Wester (Ashland Woods) tied for first place and Fern Mullen (Compliance Department) came in at third place. 

JMC employees golfing at Kimball Farm driving range
Driving Range at Kimball Farm

man and woman sitting at picnic table holding up gift card prizes for winning skee ball
Erik Wester and Lauren McDonald of Ashland Woods, Winners of Skee Ball

two men sitting on zipline ride at Kimball Farm
Jim Krotz, Compliance Department and Sebastian Quevedo, Marketing Department on the Zipline

The outing winded down with Service Awards for JMC employees who received awards for 5 years all the way up to 35 years of service at the company. We were happy to reveal the new look of our service awards to reflect the change in our logo! 

Group photo of JMC employees with 5 year service awards
5 Years of Service
Group photo of JMC employees with 10 year service awards
10 Years of Service
Group photo of JMC employees with 15 year service awards
15 Years of Service
JMC employee with 30 years of service
Deborah Hedrix, McNamara House, 30 Years of Service

The day concluded with raffle drawings for amazing prizes, competition awards, and a cocktail reception to bring the 2022 outing to a close. Thank you to the staff of Kimball Farm for having us and an even bigger thank you to all of our JMC staff! Everyone who works at JMC is so passionate about what they do and we all look forward to celebrating our employees at this daylong event every year. Shoutout to the JMC Outing Committee for putting this day together for our employees, the day wouldn't have been so successful without you. We can't wait to see what 2023 has in store! 

Darion Cooper, Union & West, behind Raffle Table

Ganak Davis, Redbrook Apartments

Taylor Achille, The Ledges

Joseph Avenell, Stevens Corner and Dan Breda, Faxon Commons

Nhi Nguyen, Quincy Commons

Jesse Morrel, The Sto

Jessalyn Dutra, Pelham Learning Center

Rosa Garcia, West Broadway Homes

TRIVIA: How many classic ice cream flavors does Kimball Farm have starting with the letter "C"?

9/7 Trivia Answer: The match was between Michael Chang and Stefan Edberg and it was 5 hours and 26 minutes long. Stefan Edberg of Sweden ultimately came out victorious. 


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