JMC Addresses Energy Awareness Month

October kicks off Energy Awareness month! Here's the scoop from Jonathan Owens, the JMC Energy Efficiency Manager, on the company's most recent energy efficiency efforts. From solar power to EV charging stations, to water use monitoring, JMC constantly aims to reduce our energy expenditure and use across the portfolio.

JMC is currently working with consultants to launch solar projects across several different properties including Pelham Apartments, Academy Apartments, Brockton Commons, Village Green, and The Commons at Drum Hill. These solar projects will consist of applying Photovoltaic Solar Panels on the roofs where space is available. Why go solar? PV Solar is a renewable energy source. The energy made will not only reduce common area energy costs, but also reduce the cost of the system itself. A single 300-Watt solar panel offsets a carbon emission's equivalent exceeding that of ten mature trees! According to Jonathan Owens, our PV Solar project ambitions will result in carbon emission reductions equivalent to the work of thousands of trees. 

three men installing solar panel on roof

JMC continues to expand our electric vehicle charging station network. The funding allocated for incentives exceeded capacity in 2021 which put many of these charging station projects on hold for stakeholders across Massachusetts. However, JMC expects to hear of new incentives soon which will result in more charging stations in the near future. A new charging station has recently been implemented at the corporate office, check it out!

Man leaning against car
Jonathan Owens, Energy Efficiency Manager, in front of EV charging station in Braintree

We are also working with two different vendors to provide real time water use monitoring at our communities. Faxon Commons has a real time water meter installed in each of its buildings. The maintenance staff will be alerted in the event of a major water leak or even a smaller leak that can only be detected by a flow over time analysis. 

Exterior view of Faxon Commons leasing office and swimming pool

JMC is aggressively seeking emerging technologies and thinking outside of the box for ways to further reduce our carbon emissions across the portfolio. One option we are looking into is the possibility of obtaining energy from wastewater, a technology that is being utilized with success in Germany. 

Wastewater treatment to energy treatment diagram

Wastewater treatment process to obtain energy

Jonathan Owens stated that, "We have refreshed our commitment to benchmark energy and water use at all properties. By the end of this year, our goal is to make current all collected energy and water use data, so that we may evaluate these performance metrics for every property in our portfolio." JMC is constantly looking at various technologies and strategies to reduce cost and to improve our footprint on the environment. 

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