JMC Employees Participate in MA Apartment Association's Maintenance Mania

2022 marked the return of Maintenance Mania! This event is a national program for maintenance technicians to compete against each other in several skill-based challenges. The program is presented by the National Apartment Association and sponsored by HD Supply. The event was topped off with a self-designed race car contest followed by a reception and an award ceremony. JMC & Co had 11 competitors and several staff members came to spectate and cheer on our JMC team. JMC felt the "need for speed" coming into this heated competition which brought us to our Top Gun inspired theme this year! All employees wore JMC Top Gun shirts and aviator sunglasses and all competitors rocked their own set of customized dog tags to prepare for the "Danger Zone".

List of JMC Maintenance Mania Competitors

JMC Maintenance Mania shirts

4 men standing together
Same Perez, Jorge Leon, Alex Herrera, Carlos Toribio

Our maintenance technicians were put to the test with seven different challenges to complete against the clock for the fastest time. The challenges included: the AO Smith Water Heater Installation, Pfister Topfit Faucet Installation, Figidaire Icemaker Installation, Halstead Click-Lock Plank Installation, Kidde Fire & Carbon Monoxide Safety Installation, Kwiset Ket Control Deadbolt Test, and the Home Depot Pro Xtra Car Race Competition. 
Carlos Toribio, Carlton Oaks

Mike Martinez competing
Mike Martinez, Adams Village

Man with hands on other man's back before competition
Carlos Toribio (Carlton Oaks) and Sam Perez (Pelham Apartments)

Jorge Leon Competing
Jorge Leon, Pelham Apartments

Alex Herrera competing
Alex Herrera, Lynnfield Commons

Sam and Jorge standing with thumbs up behind competition table
Sam Perez and Jorge Leon, Pelham Apartments

Several of our JMC maintenance technicians were victorious and placed in almost every category! Jorge Leon placed first for the Faucet Installation and Anthony Newman won first place for the Click-Lock Plank Installation. Alex Herrera won second place in the Icemaker Installation and third place for both the Click-Lock Installation and Faucet Installation. Carlos Toribio took third place for the Water Heater Installation. However, the winning did not stop there.

Anthony Newman standing with woman holding prize
Anthony Newman, Kimball Court

JOrge Leon standing with man holding prize
Jorge Leon, Pelham Apartments

Sam Perez standing with man holding prize

Sam Perez won first place for the Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Safety Installation, second for Faucet Installation, placed second overall for the entire competition, AND was the overall winning team member for the JMC team! 

Group of women cheering on competitor
Spectators Cheering on Sam Perez

JMC & Co was also awarded for having the best team spirit with pompoms, noise clappers, fatheads and the loudest voices in the room! 

Maintenance Mania Team photo with fatheads
Maintenance Mania Team

Congratulations to all of our wonderful maintenance technicians who were able to prove how skilled they are even under the pressure of the clock! Thank you to all of the spectators who came out to support the crew.  

Maintenance Mania Team and Spectators
Maintenance Mania Team and Spectators

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