JMC 2022 Holiday Manager's Meeting

JMC brought the year to a close with the annual Holiday Manager's Meeting held at Granite Links. The meeting included Portfolio Directors, Regional Mangers, Property Managers, Assistant Property Managers, members of the departments in the corporate office, and the Executive Leadership Team. The day celebrated all our company has accomplished this year and what we are looking forward to in 2023.

People sitting at round tables in reception room

The morning kicked off with a presentation on inclusive leadership from Christie Lindor of Tessi Consulting. Christie has been working with JMC on our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy. This was a very informative presentation with discussion among our managers for how to become more inclusive leaders. Three of our JMC employees were chosen for a panel discussion with Christie. Jeanmarie O'Brien, Jazmin Colon, and Brian Gallagher gave advice to fellow managers about the strategies they use to be inclusive leaders for their teams. The JMC DEI Committee also distributed the entire company with a giftbox as a thank you for supporting their efforts this year.

The majority of the afternoon consisted of updates from each department in the corporate office. Development summarized projects in motion including Union 346, Chelsea Innes, Lunenburg Central, and Central Gateway in Leicester. Future projects in the pipeline were also discussed. The Compliance department went over best practices on Section 8 vouchers and reasonable accommodations. The Director of Maintenance Operations discussed the importance of vendor relations and goals for 2023. 

Man speaking in front of presentation screen
Peter Mahoney, Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisitions 

JMC invited the 2022 Maintenance Mania Top Gun squad to the meeting to recognize their efforts in the competition this year. The whole company was blown away not only by the number of participants, but also the number of victories by the JMC crew! Gary Saltmarsh introduced each member of the team to the room, followed by a round of applause. They all joined us for lunch and each received a JMC swag bag! We cannot wait to see everyone compete again next year.

Man walking through balloon arch with arms up
Alex "Aviator" Herrera Competitor from Lynnfield Commons 

There was a record-breaking number of Meet the Mission awards in 2023. Nancy Gaudet and Cynthia Buckley were proud to recognize 11 of these winners at the meeting. Congratulations, managers! 

Meet the Mission Winners standing together
Cynthia Buckley with Meet the Mission Winners: Lily Martinez, Jim Krotz, Jazmin Colon, Fern Mullen, Stephanie Peeler, Teresa Barcelos, Aidan Callahan, Megan McDonald, Amanda Murray, and Gail Murray

Human Resources discussed the many accomplishments it has made as a new department to JMC. We look forward to all this department has in store for the new year. Accounting discussed the focus to promote more open communication with the properties via a new Sharepoint site for easy access to accounting forms. The IT department had a busy year with thousands of tickets completed and the organization of many existing systems at the properties.  

Woman speaking in front of presentation screen
Keli Trejo, Chief People & Culture Officer

The Marketing department made the final remarks with what the team accomplished in 2022 and what it strives for in 2023. The meeting concluded with the results for a month-long contest for the properties, better known as the JMC Smackdown! The goals of this competition were to wrestle vacancy by reaching 95% occupancy or better by November 30th and to improve collections from September to November. The Smackdown bonus would go to the property that reduced delinquency by the greatest percentage. 

A very special guest came to the meeting to give the JMC Smackdown belt to the winning property! The Hulk (Saltmarsh) Hogan awarded the title Smackdown belt to Westcott Terrace! Congratulations to the entire Westcott Terrace team!

Man dressed in Hulk Hogan costume holding up JMC title belt

Man dressed in Hulk Hogan costume holding up JMC title belt with woman
Diane St. Jean, Property Manager of Westcott Terrace, Receiving the JMC Smackdown Title Belt

The fun did not stop with the conclusion of the meeting! All managers received a JMC branded gift of their choice and got to enjoy a cocktail hour to close out the day. However, there was one more surprise in store. 12 of our managers got together to sing "The 12 Days of Christmas" in JMC fashion with lyrics written by Nancy Gaudet and Cynthia Buckley. 

Managers wearing Santa hats singing and holding posters with song lyrics

The Holiday meeting was a fabulous way to end the year and to bring on the energy to accomplish all of our goals set for 2023! 

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