2022 JMC Highlights

2022 brought a year full of exciting events and accomplishments for JMC. Take a scroll through some our notable highlights from the year. 

The Sto won the MAA Community of Excellence Award as the Renovated Community of the Year! The Sto renovated the interior of the clubhouse and added in an outdoor patio with seating and grills in addition to outdoor workout equipment and lawn games. 

The Sto Clubhouse and Outdoor Patio

One Wall Street received Prism Awards for the Best Rental Community and the Best Interior Merchandising of a Model. 

Model Apartment kitchen at One Wall Street
One Wall Street Model Apartment

Several JMC properties went through renovations in 2022. Shrewsbury Commons renovated the interior of the clubhouse and fitness center. The acquisition of Munroe Place brought on unit, corridor, and community space renovations. Faxon Commons and Weymouth Commons also began renovations in the corridors and lobbies. McNamara House also underwent renovations and Townhouse Apartments received brand new windows in each apartment.

Renovated corridor at Weymouth Commons

Renovated kitchen at Munroe Place

Energy Efficiency efforts continued in 2022 with a PV Solar Panel project at Pelham Apartments to be installed in 2023 which will reduce common area energy costs. EV charging stations were installed at the corporate office with more installations to come in 2023. Another goal for 2023 is to collect energy data across the portfolio to be report to the corporate office to better track energy use and costs at our communities. 

Development had a busy year with the building of Union 346, Lunenburg Central, and Central Gateway in Leicester. JMC broke ground on Chelsea Innes in 2022 and is slated for redevelopment in 2023.

Exterior image of Union 346

JMC took on the management of four new properties in 2022. We are proud to have Babcock Tower, Towne Estates, Bass Point Apartments, and Kent Apartments as the newest additions to the portfolio!

The team at Kent Apartments standing next to sign
The Kent Apartments Team

The DEI Committee made substantial efforts with events and trainings over the past year. The committee added Edge2Learn trainings focused on DEI topics and recently launched the regional pilot training program in 2022 which will continue into 2023. The committee also sold DEI t-shirts and all proceeds went to Caritas Communities. The members also put together a performance at the the company outing and hosted a series of movie days as a fun way to discuss DEI topics through film to be continued into next year.

Weymouth staff members at DEI training
DEI Pilot Training at SouthField Commons for Weymouth Staff

North Shore staff watching movie in clubhouse
North Shore Staff DEI Movie Day at Lynnfield Commons

Our affordable properties often host fabulous resident events to celebrate the holidays. Sheila Buonaugurio, Resident Services Coordinator of Hanover Legion, and Amelia Davis, Rental Manager of Lincoln School Apartments, both did an excellent job putting these parties together for their residents to enjoy in 2022. Jackie Castaneda was recently welcomed back to Pelham Apartments along with the new addition of Olga Timchenko at Saugus Commons who both worked on a significant number of certifications for each property, well done!

Hanover Legion Residents at Halloween Party
Hanover Legion Residents at Halloween Party

Desk with hot chocolate bar
Kent Village Hot Chocolate Bar

Two women holding gift card donations in front of Christmas tree
Hanover Legion Residents with Holiday Donations

Lincoln School Apartments community room with holiday decorations
Lincoln School Apartments Holiday Party Decorations

Residents of Lincoln School Apartments at Halloween Party
 Lincoln School Apartments Halloween Party 

JMC has accomplished so much in 2022 thanks to all of our employees and the residents who call our communities their home. JMC has had a successful 2022 and we look forward to a great start to 2023!

TRIVIA: What was Portfolio Director, Chris Butkovich's job before working at JMC? 

12/9 Trivia Answer: Candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup


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