JMC Celebrates Valentine's Day with Residents

Our JMC staff showed the love for our residents across the portfolio this Valentine's Day! Our communities got very creative with different ways to celebrate the holiday this year.

The team at The Heights Amesbury was taught how to create candy bouquets by one of its very own residents! The Leasing staff encouraged residents to send bouquets to other fellow residents to be hand delivered on Valentine's Day. 

4 men and women standing around table making candy bouquets

Redbrook Apartments added local flare to this holiday with a raffle for the chance to win a date night at TrailsEnd Bistro in Plymouth. 

Lincoln School Apartment kept things sweet this Valentine's Day with a chocolate fondue party for residents! How can you resist a fresh chocolate covered strawberry? 

Lynnfield Commons, Shrewsbury Commons, and Village Green made special goodie bags for their communities so residents could grab their treats on the go. 

2 women sitting beside table with Valentine's Day candy

The team at Station Row showed their appreciation for the Valentine's cookies sent by the Corcoran Connections Committee. The committee sent the delicious Cheryl's Cookies to every property to celebrate the holiday companywide!

Woman and two men sitting and holding up Valentine's Day cookies

We appreciate the time and effort our JMC teams put in to make their residents feel the love on this special holiday.   

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