5 JMC Communities with Stunning Sunsets

Spring has officially sprung this month and what better way to kick off warmer days than showcasing our communities with some of the most stunning sunsets! Our JMC properties showcase a variety of beautiful views from our urban to suburban locations. 

Mio has a gorgeous roof deck where residents can unwind by the outdoor fire pits while enjoying great views of Union Point in Weymouth, known for beautiful sunsets.

Sunset view of Mio Weymouth

The Commons at Boston Road boasts private balconies and patios for residents to take in the fresh air and sunset views all from the comfort of home. 

Sunset view of the Commons at Boston Road from parking lot

Metromark overlooks the bustling neighborhood of Jamaica Plain. This two-bedroom apartment located on the top floor has plenty of natural light and large windows to take in stunning sunsets. 

Corner of apartment with 5 windows and sunset

Surrounded by treetops, The Heights Amesbury offers lovely aerial views from balconies and patios at all times of the year.   

Sunset view from balcony at The Heights Amesbury

The Residences on Broadway has spectacular views of South Boston and the Boston skyline. Check out this amazing view of a summer sunset from a two-bedroom apartment on the top floor!

Sunset view of Boston skyscrapers

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