JMC Properties Offer Access to Nearby Summer Amenities

Our JMC communities span across three states including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island providing a diverse portfolio. Our communities boast all kinds of exciting activities unique to each region that our residents can take advantage of! 

Residents of Parkside on Adams can enjoy fresh produce from the Roslindale Village Farmers' Market across the street from the community at Adams Park. The Farmers' Market runs every Saturday from June through November. Indulge in your favorite meal with a farm to table dinner right in your own apartment!

aerial view of Parkside on Adams in Roslindale
Parkside on Adams

Dorchester dwellers at Adams Village can take advantage of beautiful views and parks along the Neponset River Trail on a warm summer day. End your adventure with something to eat at one of the numerous restaurants to choose from on Adams Street including The Industry, Blasi's, Landmark, or Molinari's!

view of water on Neponset River Trail
Neponset River Trail (photo from Google Images)

Exterior shot of Adams Village Apartments
Adams Village

Those in the Northern region have access to several great attractions. Residents of Lynnfield Commons, Parkside Commons, Chelsea Place, and Kimball Court who love craft beer can explore Lord Hobo Brewing Company in Woburn, MA! Sip on your favorite beer or try a specialty brewery-only release. Finish the evening with a visit to Horn Pond to watch a beautiful sunset. 

Exterior shot of Kimball Court Apartments
Kimball Court

Interior bar with people at Lord Hobo Brewery
Lord Hobo (photo from website)

Rhode Island natives at Station Row, Park Row West, and Westcott Terrace have the unique opportunity to experience WaterFire Providence during the summer months. Finish the evening with a visit to Federal Hill for Italian dinner and dessert!

View of WaterFire show in Providence
WaterFire Providence (photo from website)

Exterior view of river along Station Row
Station Row

Locals of Southern New Hampshire at Carlton Oaks and Amherst Park have access to many outdoor activities such as Mine Falls Park, Greeley Park, Canobie Lake Park, and the beautiful White Mountains. 

View of lake and trees at Mine Falls Park
Mine Falls Park (photo from Google Images)

Aerial view of Carlton Oaks
Carlton Oaks

TRIVIA: What caused WaterFire Providence to begin?

7/12 Trivia Answer: Cathy Freeman


  1. to celebrate the tenth anniversary of first night providence

  2. First started in 1994 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of 1st Night Providence.

  3. WaterFire began as a commission by Barnaby Evans for First Night Providence in 1994/95, with eleven fires. First Night is a North American artistic and cultural celebration on New Year's Eve, taking place from afternoon until midnight.

  4. WaterFire began to celebrate the tenth anniversary of First Night Providence

  5. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of 1st night Providence!

  6. It was first created by Evans in 1994 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of First Night Providence

  7. The celebration of the 10th anniversary of First Night Providence, created by the artist Barnaby Evans in 1994.


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