Leasing 101 Training

 JMC takes great pride in customer service as all new hires experience both virtual and in-person trainings to commence their property management career. Leasing 101 Training is the first in-person training that all new Leasing Consultants, Assistant Property Managers, and Property Managers take and it is often the most memorable training for our employees.

woman speaking to staff in front of screen

Several members of the Marketing Department regularly schedule and perform these trainings throughout the year. The training takes place over the course of five days to teach and develop various skills needed for success. The trainers even take an interactive approach to put these skills to the test with various role plays demonstrated by trainees. 

The first day covers the basics of handling phone calls and sales tools and ends with a live practice of a telephone role play so trainees can practice the concepts taught throughout the day. 

two women and man sitting putting a puzzle together
Group ice breaker with puzzle to kick off class

Day two focuses on ways to greet a prospect, fair housing documentation, and techniques to give a stellar tour. The third day discusses overcoming objections, closing the deal, and the importance of following up in addition to learning how to navigate our Customer Relationship Management platform, videography skills, and tips for virtual touring.

Graphic with Quote, "Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win"
Puzzle reveals inspirational quote for trainees

The trainers send staff to shop competition properties on the second to last day to evaluate the sales techniques of other companies and those experiences are shared on the last day of training. The final day of training takes place at a property model apartment so trainees can practice giving their own tours. Training concludes with a review of all the different concepts and techniques taught throughout the week with an additional focus on social media and digital curb appeal on online platforms. This week long training gives our staff the tools to gain confidence in their abilities and return to their properties with greater knowledge to best serve our prospects and residents in our communities.

Group standing and holding training certificates
Congratulations to our most recent Leasing 101 Training graduates who finished this week!

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