JMC & Co Annual Summer Company Outing

JMC held the annual summer company outing this week at Kimball Farm in Westford, MA! About 275 of our employees were able to enjoy a beautiful sunny day filled with activities, delicious food, and prizes. 

Group of men sitting and standing at picnic table with hands together

Group of men and women standing together wearing matching blue and grey shirts
The Mastlight Crew Made Their Very Own Branded Shirts!

3 women and man standing together

Several of our employees started the morning with a round of golf that also included the Longest Drive Contest. 

Man golfing
Winner of The Longest Drive: Jayson

Woman golfing

Corcoran Connections hosted a North Shore and South Shore Cornhole Tournament over the winter and the finalists played to win the championship at the outing! 

woman and two men playing cornhole

2 men holding up cornhole board
Winners of Cornhole: Joe & Sam

Six teams later participated in the popular "Ninja Challenge", aiming to finish the course and beat the buzzer in record time. 

Man in orange shirt throwing ball

Man in orange shirt pressing buzzer with teammates cheering behind

Man in orange shirt running out of obstacle course

group of 4 men standing together wearing medals
Ninja Challenge Winners: Chris, Carlos, Jack, & Jessie

Man pressing buzzer with teammates behind

Kimball Farm served a great cookout lunch followed by many scoops of the famous homemade ice cream. The remainder of the afternoon consisted of the longest drive competition, the skee-ball contest, service awards, and raffle prizes. 

picnic table with raffle baskets lined up
Raffle Prizes

two women standing together

The Quincy Commons and Adams Village Crew Received 5 and 15 Years of Service Awards in 2024!

woman in bumper boat with arms in the air

The company outing is a beloved tradition at JMC and we are so proud to take a day every year to honor the strong work ethic and dedication of all our employees. Congratulations to all of our contest winners, raffle prize winners, and staff members who received impressive years of service awards!

three men standing together

Three women standing together

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5/6 Trivia Answer: Eleanor Lambert


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